Steven Jay Epstein
2005. ISBN 974-9575-87-3
123pp, 128x195mm, 120g.

Here in one slim volume is a selection of the best-known and best-loved Lao folktales that have entertained the Lao people for generations. We meet the legendary trickster Xieng Mieng who matches his wits with merchants, monks, and kings. We find a quick-witted toad that terrifies tigers, a turtle that flies, a cadre of snails that race a rabbit, and a mynah bird that speaks five languages fluently.

The reader may recognize a whisper of Aesop or a Jataka tale, but each story is distinctively Lao, retold with Lao humor and charm reflecting a Buddhist culture in a Marxist state.

STEVEN EPSTEIN lived in Laos from 1990 to 1997.
He worked for the Swedish government setting up English training programs in different ministries

ANOULOM SOUVANDOUANE is the foremost illustrator in Laos. His work includes the Lao 1000-kip note.