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   updated 07-2005

Trouble in the Triangle: Opium and Conflict in Burma

Edited by Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer and Pietje Vervest
ISBN 974-9575-89-x
2005. 247pp, 140x210mm, B 595

In response to international pressure to implement a strict drug eradication program, Burma has announced harsh measures for all illicit poppy production. But the enforcement of the ban on opium operations will directly threaten the livelihoods of some 250,000 families in the Shan state who depend on the opium economy. What alternatives do these families have for their survival?
This is among the various issues explored in this volume. The Collection consists of ten papers presented at the December 2003 international conference held in Amsterdam to discuss issues on international engagement with Burma through the prism of drug policy. The articles analyze the relationship between drugs and conflict in Burma and take a close look at the consequences of the Burma drug problem for its neighboring countries. The latter part of the book widens its focus to place Burma’s drug policies in the international context of the global drug trade. The articles together identify the problems in drug control efforts in Burma and present recommendations for an effective response from the international community.
This book is part of a joint project on drugs and conflict in Burma, undertaken by the Transnational Institute (TNI) and Burma Centre Netherlands (BCN). The project aims to stimulate local, national, and international communities to rethink their drug eradication strategies in order to provide a coherent approach to development, national reconciliation, and democracy building, and to strengthen Burma’s civil, political, and ethnic groups in developing alternatives to the current repressive drug control policies.