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Manuscript Submission

• Submitting the Proposal

Submitting the Manuscript

The Decision to Publish

Manuscript Format

Manuscript Style


Submitting the Proposal

Your initial contact with us should be a brief manuscript proposal sent by e-mail or post to the address below. Your proposal should include the following:

1. A description of the scope, length, and audience of the book

2. An annotated table of contents detailing the material in each chapter

3. A description of any artwork or other supplementary material, and the number of pieces

4. An author resume or CV listing any previous publications and your full contact information.

Please note that we do not accept theses. If you are willing to spend the time and energy to rework your thesis into a publishable manuscript, please consult The Thesis and the Book, edited by Harman and Montagnes (University of Toronto, 1976).

Submitting the Manuscript

We will respond to your e-mail in a few weeks' time as to whether we are interested and able to consider your completed manuscript. If so, we will ask you to submit your manuscript as a hardcopy printout. Please prepare it according to the formatting instructions and style specified below. We do not accept manuscript submissions by e-mail. Please include a self-addressed envelope if you would like the manuscript returned, in the event that we decide against publishing it.

The Decision to Publish

Typically, we will let you know our decision within four months of receiving your manuscript. If we decide to pursue publication, we will ask you to send us a CD of the manuscript, saved in two formats: as a Word file and as an RTF file. The files must be exactly the same as the original printout. Otherwise, we will need a new printout of your updated disk file. If your manuscript requires any special fonts, please save these on the disk as well. Please also include any illustrations or other supplementary material.

Manuscript Format

Your manuscript should be in the following form:

Unbound and minimally formatted
A4 size paper, or 8 1/2" by 11" paper
Double-spaced, with ample margins
Only one space between sentences

Paragraph indentations rather than line spaces between paragraphs. Use the formatting palette to indent rather than the tab key

Minimal use of variant fonts and styles, e.g., bold, italics, all caps
Endnotes rather than footnotes

Manuscript Style

We follow The Chicago Manual of Style , 14th or 15th edition, (University of Chicago Press, 1993, 2003) and prefer that all manuscripts be submitted in this style with regard to punctuation, capitalization, usage, and organization. All foreign words should be in italics, and Thai words should be Romanized according to the Royal Institute System, if possible. For tips on good writing, please consult The Elements of Style , 3rd edition, by Strunk and White (Macmillan, 1979).

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