Bamboo Palace

Discovering the lost dynasty of Laos
Christopher Kremmer
ISBN 974-9575-76-8
2005. 288pp, 140x215mm, B625
For sale in Thailand and Indochina
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Breaking New Ground
In Lao History:
Essays on the
Seventh to Twentieth Centuries
Edited by Mayoury Ngaosrivathana and Kennon Breazeale
ISBN 974-7551-93-4
375pp, 140x215mm, 600g, B625

Laos: Culture and Society
Edited by Grant Evans
ISBN 974-87090-4-3
373pp, 150x230mm, 700 g, B750

A tlas of Laos:

Spacial Dimensions of the Economic
and Social Development of the Lao People's
Democratic Republic

Bounthavy Sisouphanthong and
Christian Taillard

ISBN 974-7551-41-1
160 pp, 210x260mm, 700g, B950

Lao Folktales
Steven Jay Epstein
ISBN 974-9575-87-3
2005. 123pp, 128x195mm, 120g. B295
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H'mong Batik:
A Textile Technique
from Laos

Jane Mallinson, Nancy Donnelly
and Ly Hang

ISBN 974-7100-21-5
87pp, 200x230mm, 400g, B295

The Lao Phrase Book
Samson A. Brier
ISBN 974-9575-73-3
2005. 150pp, 130x200mm, 250g, B 225

The Politics of Ritual and Remembrance:
Laos since 1975
Grant Evans
ISBN 974-7100-60-6
216 pp, 140x215 mm, 500g, BT495
Stalking The Elephant Kings:
In Search of Laos
Christopher Kremmer
ISBN 974-7100-48-7
130x195 mm, 475 pp, 400 g, B475
War in Shangri-la:
A Memoir of Civil War in Laos
Mervyn Brown
ISBN 974-9575-46-6
2004, 140x215mm, 238pp, 300g, B595
For sale in Thailand and Laos