Aung San and the Struggle
for Burmese Independence

Angelene Naw
ISBN 974-7551-54-3
308pp, 145x215mm,500g, B595
Bird of Myanmar
Kyaw Nyunt Lwin and
Khin Ma Ma Thwin

ISBN 974-9575-68-7
2005. 163 pp, 150 x 230 mm, B825
World except Myanmar
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Burma Behind the Mask
Jan Donkers and Minka Nijhuis
ISBN 90-802-999-2-8
223pp, 180x160 mm, 500g, B525
For sale in Southeast Asia

Burma in Revolt: Opium and Insurgency since 1948
(Revised edition)
Bertil Lintner
ISBN 974-7100-78-9
544pp, 155x230mm, 1,000g, B950

Earth To Heaven: The Royal
Animal-Shaped Weight of the Burmese Empires

Donald and Joan Gear
ISBN 974-7551-20-9
155x235mm, 299pp, 700g, B625

The Lady:
Burma's Aung San Suu Hyi
Barbara Victor
ISBN 974-7459-16-7
130x190mm, 210pp, 300g, B425
For sale in Thailand

Twilight Over Burma
Ing Sargent
ISBN 974-7100-61-4
216pp, 400g, B325
For sale in THailand, Myanmar

The History and Development of
the Shan Script

Sai Kam Mong
ISBN 974-9575-50-4
2004. 391pp, 150x230mm, 600g, B750

The Native Tourist:
A Holiday Pilgrimage in Myanmar

Ma Thanegi
ISBN 974-9575-62-8
130x120mm, 209pp, 300g, B395
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The Trans-Salwin
Shan State of Kiang Tung

G.J. Younghusband
ISBN 974-9575-78-4
2005.79pp, 150x230mm, pullout maps, B395

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Trouble in the Triangle:
Opium and Conflict in Burma

Edited by Martin Jelsma, Tom Kramer and Pietje Vervest
ISBN 974-9575-89-x
2005. 247pp, 140x210mm, B 595
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