Short History Series

A Short History of Laos: The Land in Between
Grant Evans
ISBN 974-7551-77-2
2002. 267pp, 140x215mm, 500g

Laos, perhaps the least known country in mainland Southeast Asia, stands at the region’s crossroads. This small ‘land in between’ is surrounded by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma-countries which, in pre-modern times, provides Lao King with a field for territorial expansion. But more often, Laos has been a bridge between these powerful neighbours, and an arena in which they and their allies have interfered

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A Short History of China and
Southeast Asia

Matin Stuart-Fox
ISBN 1-86448-954-5
2003. 288pp, 140x215mm, 600g,
A Short History of Japan
Curtis Andressen
ISBN 974-7551-70-5
2002, 256pp, 140x215mm, 500g,
A Short History of Indonesia
Colin Brown
ISBN 974-9575-11-3
2003. 288pp, 140x215mm, 600g,

A Short History of Malaysia
Virginia Matheson Hooker
ISBN 974-9575-05-9
2003, 368pp,140x215mm, 700g