Asia and Southeast Asia
Blood Brothers: Crime, Business and Politics in Asia
Bertil Lintner
ISBN 974-7551-79-9
2002. 152x228mm, 1,000g,
Charting the Shape of Early Modern Southeast Asia
Anthony Reid
ISBN 974-7551-06-3
1999. 140x217mm, 296pp, 500g,
Dance of life: popular music and politics in Southeast Asia
Craig A. Lockard
ISBN 974-7551-17-9
2001. 140x210mm, 390pp, 800g,
Development or domestication? Indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia
Edited by Don McCaskill and
Ken Kampe

ISBN 974-7100-33-9
1997. 145x210mm, 658pp,
1,000g, B750
Dictionary of south and Southeast Asian art
Gwyneth Chaturachinda, Sunanda Krishnamurty, Pauline W. Tabtiang
ISBN 974-7100-61-x
2004. 240pp, 130x195mm, B450
East Timor: Blood and Tears
Sonny Inbaraj
ISBN 974-7100-50-9
206pp, 145x210mm,
Hmong/Miao in Asia
Edited by Nicholas Tapp, Jean Michaud, Christian, and Gary Yia Lee
ISBN 974-9575-01-6
2004. 500pp, 150x230mm, 725g
Great Leader, Dear Leader
Demystifying North Korea Under the Kim Clan
Bertil Lintner
ISBN 974-9575-69-5
2004. 274pp, 215x140 mm, 400g
Inside Southeast Asia
Niels Mulder
ISBN 974-7551-23-3
1996, 234pp, 145x210 mm, 500g,
A land on Fire: The Environmental consequences of the Southeast Asian Boom
James David Fahn
2004. ISBN 974-7551-23-3
140x215 mm, 368pp, 400g,
Mvuh hpa, Creating Heaven, Creating Earth: the Lahu Epic of Creation
Edited by Anthony Walker
ISBN 974-7047-65-9
112pp, 145x205mm, 300g
Recalling local pasts: Automous history in Southeast Asia
Edited by Sunait Chutintaranond and Chris Baker
2002. ISBN 974-7551-68-3
216 pp, 150x230 mm, 500g,

Southeast Asian Images
Niels Muder
ISBN 974-9575-03-2
264pp, 140x215mm, 400g,

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450–1680
Volume one: the Lands below the Winds
Anthony Reid
ISBN 974-7047-57-8
274 pp, 155x235mm, 500g
For sale in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Southeast Asia in the Age of Commerce 1450–1680
Volume Two: Expansion and Crisis
Anthony Reid
ISBN 974-7047-58-6
405pp, 155x235mm, 600g,
695 Baht