• Buddhist Sculpture of Northern Thailand
Reading Thai Murals
Thai Art & Culture

• Chronology of Religious Architecture at Sukhothai
• Dance, Drama, and Theater in Thailand
• National Identity and Its Defenders
• Thai Images
• Touch the Dragon

Managerial Careers in Thailand and Japan
• Money & Power in Provincial Thailand
• The Thai Village Economy in the Past
• Thailand’s Boom and Bust

• Buddha in the Jungle
• Buddhasa: Theravada Buddhism and
   Modernist Reform in Thailand
Forest Recollections

The Burma-Thailand Railway
• The Diary of Kosa Pan
• History of the Malay Kingdom of Patani
• Siam & the West
• Siam in Mind
• Siam Mapped
• Studies in Thai History
• Thailand: A Short History
• Van Viet's Siam

    Treasures from the Past Series
    • Aspects of the Embassy to Siam 1685
    • History of Siam in 1688
    • Mission Made Impossible
    • A Resounding Failure
    • A Siamese Embassy Lost in Africa, 1686
    • The Siamese Memoirs of Count Claude de Forbin 1685-1688